Worried Your Child Isn’t Getting Enough Sleep?


Sleep is the great equalizer, bringing your entire system back to homeostasis and allowing all of your vital systems to heal, recharge and grow. If you have to skimp on something this week, please don’t let it be #sleep. It seems like the easiest thing to give up, but it’s actually the most beneficial to your overall health, especially if you have a full plate or are dealing with any stress.

Worried that your child might not be getting enough sleep? Here are some things to consider…

  • Does your child fall asleep pretty easily? (20-minutes or less)
  • Do they wake up before 6 a.m. regularly and are unable to fall back to sleep?
  • Do they have consistent and regular night wakings? (This is especially important for all babies over 12 months or for those under 12 months who no longer need any night feedings)
  • Are they getting enough day time sleep?
  • Do they seem to have meltdowns or appear very tired in the early evening?
  • Are they frequently grouchy or moody?

All of the above are symptoms that your child might not be getting enough sleep. The national sleep foundation published their new recommendations and while they are great to use as guidelines, the range is large enough that it’s too hard to tell just by counting the hours. In addition to hours of sleep, we want to really check out the child’s behavior and sleep patterns to judge how well rested they are.

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