“When will I sleep again? 15 months in and no end in sight” – Who Can Relate??

“When will I sleep again? 15 months in and no end in sight” – One Mothers first hand account of what sleep training was like…
Being really ready to see sleep training through is imperative before beginning this process; starting and then throwing in the towel creates a lot of confusion for your little one. Which is why it’s SO important to understand that cry it out or any method, even the most gradual ones, will be INEFFECTIVE if you don’t have the rest of the sleep pieces in place.
Choosing to sleep train from a reactive place, one where you are so exhausted you decide to “try” to let your child cry all night, will likely make things a lot worse. Please seek support if you are exhausted so that you can provide your little one with a comprehensive sleep plan that includes options for training, not just cry it out and one that addresses the timing of sleep, routines, sleep environment and night feeds. If those pieces aren’t in place, a method alone will not work.
We are here to support you and ensure that you are successful in your sleep journey.