What Are We Feeding Our Children?


It’s Free Tip Tuesday time!! Today we are revisiting screen time guidelines, the question of “what are we feeding our children” goes beyond physical nutrition; what we feed their brains is equally important, especially for toddlers. A recent article has re-highlighted the negative effects of screen time, especially for toddlers.

From a sleep perspective, screen time before bed can make it harder for a toddler to fall asleep and they can lose up to 30-minutes of night sleep. From a health and growth perspective, screen time can cause language delays.

The @aap_pediatrics (American Academy of Pediatrics) doesn’t recommend screen time at all for babies under 15 months, for babies under 24 months, limited screen time is best and when used should be used with an interactive caregiver so the child is engaged in the content.

This recent article highlights the importance of pediatric sleep and showcases how it can negatively effect a toddler’s sleep patterns: touch screens impact on toddler sleep.