“The Fact Is That We’re Drunk Parenting”


Baby boxes are a great solution to some specific issues with safe sleep; like lack of a proper, safe sleeping space. However, in some states, up to 75 percent of babies “lost to SUID had a crib or bassinet at home, while 90 percent were exposed to soft toys or pillows. So why are parents blatantly ignoring doctor’s orders?”

It appears that chronic sleep deprivation, lack of a sleep plan and a lack of perceived sleep options are what lead most parents into accidental and often unsafe co-sleeping. Chronic sleep deprivation has lead to “drunk parenting,” as coined by physician Dr. Harvey-Karp.

The solution? More sleep support and options for sleep deprived parents, which can begin with the recommendation from their doctors for options and plans to help with sleep, including the recommendation of a sleep consultant.

For the full article: http://www.vogue.com/article/baby-box-phenomenon-harvey-karp

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