Dream Baby Sleep

Naples, FL
Certified Since 2012


  • Sleep Consultant
  • Newborn Program
  • Potty Training Consultant

About Me

Dream Baby Sleep offers science-backed sleep solutions for any and every family. We use four sleep training methods, and each has been perfected by more than nine years of research and is supported by the science behind baby sleep and carefully calibrated timing. All our consultants are certified by the Institute of Pediatric Sleep & Parenting, trained in all the methods we use, and have mentored directly under our founder, Carolynne J. Harvey. We guide families in choosing a sleep training method that will work best for them, taking into account the age of their baby, their parenting style, the temperament of their child and their family dynamic—not simply “crying it out.” With our help, we can prevent babies from getting overtired, find a sleep training method that works for the parents and the child, and set everyone in the family up for success— and a great night’s sleep.