Hurricane Sleep Tips!

Hurricane Irma is heading towards us here in Florida and I wanted to let all of my current families know that staying safe and comfortable is priority number ONE. I’m treating the hurricane in regards to those currently sleep training the way I would an illness, as the symptoms increase, so does your amount of comfort.

So if your baby wakes tonight from the wind, rain, power outage etc., it’s perfectly fine to do whatever you can to get them back to sleep. Start gradually with the comfort, see if they will respond to shushing and patting, then being picked up, then rocked, then worst case, if they are just not responding, if age appropriate, you can use a feed. I would try to avoid bed-sharing and co-sleeping if it’s not part of your current plan if possible. We want to provide comfort without back tracking too much.

**If you are worried about the power going out and the baby monitor not working, you can set up a pack and play, move the crib into your room or set up a little floor bed for your child. I know the wind will be loud and we want to make sure all of the kids in cribs will be able to be heard over the storm.

Weather wise, things should clear up by tomorrow night so one night won’t offset things too much.