Feeling Stuck, Depressed or Anxious?


Feeling stuck, depressed or anxious? We can help. 

I often see an internal struggle happening in parents that I work with; they have the desire to practice self-care but also believe they don’t have the time. But what if I told you that making time for your own self-care would actually help you create more time in your day?

When you practice self-care you develop the ability to stay present and focused, content to be where you are, can actually get more done and can enjoy doing it. Multi-tasking has become the newest form of addiction and it’s a never ending cycle because there will always be more to do. Running on fear and anxiety about what comes next will only ruin the present moment and the ones that follow.

These types of behaviors, thoughts and feelings are often compounded by lack of sleep. After working with families, many parents feel an intense sense of relief as those previous feelings of anxiety and depression dissipate. For others, some of those feelings have become habitual and are thought to be just another part of being a parent.

As a life coach and sleep consultant, I believe that both sleep AND self-care are integral parts of living a well-rounded life, not one you have to get through, but one you really love.

I’m so pleased to share that I have co-founded a nonprofit in Orlando that is dedicated to helping women discover the practice of self-care, allowing them to rewrite their stories and create a life they love.

Orlando Moms, if you have been considering making a little time for yourself, we have just the program for you. Holding-space.org offers a 6-week enhanced yoga & life coaching experience that provides all of the benefits of a retreat every week for 90-minutes. It’s time to live a life you love, join us.

For more information check us out at: holding-space.org.

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