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“The Fact Is That We’re Drunk Parenting”

Baby boxes are a great solution to some specific issues with safe sleep; like lack of a proper, safe sleeping space. However, in some states, up to 75 percent of babies “lost to SUID had a crib or bassinet at

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Is Your Child A Crib Climber?

This is just a NO, NO, NO! There are many interventions that should be used prior to deciding that it’s time to move to a toddler bed. Making that transition too soon can cause a slew of #problems! Before making any transitions,

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Worried Your Child Isn’t Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleep is the great equalizer, bringing your entire system back to homeostasis and allowing all of your vital systems to heal, recharge and grow. If you have to skimp on something this week, please don’t let it be #sleep. It seems

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Feeling Stuck, Depressed or Anxious?

Feeling stuck, depressed or anxious? We can help.  I often see an internal struggle happening in parents that I work with; they have the desire to practice self-care but also believe they don’t have the time. But what if I

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Happy National Nap Day!

It’s one of my favorite days of the year!!! Happy national nap day! Whether it’s for myself or my clients, I LOVE a good nap. I always tell parents to hold onto those nap times as long as you can. Here’s a

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What Does A Sleep Consultant Do??

Are you curious about what a #sleep consultant actually does? Listen in tomorrow, 3/8 at 2:48 p.m. to find out how we can #help your #family get some sleep! Click on: OR

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Could You Use Some Support??

Everyone needs someone to have their back and we’ve got yours. Feeling like you could use some support? Lean on us. It truly takes a #village and it’s no different when it comes to #sleep.

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Are You Tired & Frustrated?

Are you feeling tired & frustrated?? Let us help.  Children of all ages, including infants, can sense when a parent is tired and frustrated. Sleep deprivation is no joke and can definitely take a toll on your mood, among other things. That

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Are You A Multi-Tasking Mama??

Have y0u become a multi-tasking Mama? Has juggling activities, meals and work become your new normal? Would you love to ask yourself the question “what do I feel like doing tonight” because everything on your to do list is done?

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FED is best

Intuition reigns supreme. FED is best.  Many times when facing parenting decisions, especially for first time parents, intuition is often ignored in favor of doing the “right” thing. Ignoring intuition will often cause anxiety or unease and in the case

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