When Should You Begin Sleep Training Your Baby?

Today’s “Quick Fact” When Should You Begin Sleep Training Your Baby? It’s never too early to start laying a solid sleep foundation and practicing sleep hygiene but the earliest age you should begin formal sleep training is 4 months, adjusted

Top 5 Holiday Sleep Tips

The holidays are typically full of fun, sugar fueled, present giving moments that can keep all of us running on nothing but happiness. It’s expected that schedules will be thrown off in favor of late nights and holiday celebrations. The

“Slacker Parents Beware…”

“Slacker parents beware: Your babies may follow in your footsteps” That title sounds harsh but the article is really interesting and poignant for things like sleep training. Part of my sleep consultation plan is about how important it is to

Timing Is Everything

When it comes to sleep, like most things in life, timing is everything. Every other variable can be right where it needs to be and yet, if the timing is off, everything falls apart. Here are a few things to

Back To School Sleep Tips!

Back To School Sleep Tips! Summer is all about relaxation, having fun and enjoying those long summer nights. For many families this means have a lax sleep schedule. As summer draws to a close, with many schools starting next week,

Is Your Child A Crib Climber?

This is just a NO, NO, NO! There are many interventions that should be used prior to deciding that it’s time to move to a toddler bed. Making that transition too soon can cause a slew of #problems! Before making any transitions,