Baby Monitoring Device Review- “The Mimo”- It’s Free Tip Tuesday!

Yay For Free Tip Tuesday!
Yay For Free Tip Tuesday!

Baby Monitoring Device Review- “The Mimo”

Baby devices are all the rage these days and we have a new one to review this week. The “mimo” is a new device that the New York Times recently reviewed and it monitors all of your baby’s vitals and need to know (or not know) information.

Its pitch caters to those parents who want to have a “smart nursery.” Among it’s many benefits, the mimo boasts it’s ability to: listen in, check sleep status, track breathing, know body position, is machine washable and can be used through a computer and a smart phone.

We checked out one mother’s personal review of the mimo and this is what she had to say: “It comes with three soft kimono onesies and you attach a small turtle onto the Lilly pad on the onesie. In turn, you get a world of information at your fingertips. We often ask parents to monitor their children’s sleeping patterns in order to come up with a good plan to get sleep on track. This does it for you, without tip toeing into the room hoping your baby doesn’t wake up” (smart nursery, 2015).

On the negative side- this reviewer also mentioned that there is a time lapse in the reporting of the information. So the parents aren’t even getting real time updates, which sort of eliminates the benefits of using this device to help keep a watchful eye on their children.

This description coupled with what the mimo actually monitors seems a bit over indulgent and unnecessary for a healthy baby without current medical issues. I can understand that parent’s of infants who are not well and need to be monitored might find this device very beneficial but for healthy babies, this large amount of monitored information might just result in less sleep for the over attentive parent.

Our vote? Stick with the classic monitor unless your doctor has requested the monitoring of all other vitals.