“Slacker Parents Beware…”

“Slacker parents beware: Your babies may follow in your footsteps” That title sounds harsh but the article is really interesting and poignant for things like sleep training. Part of my sleep consultation plan is about how important it is to

Hurricane Sleep Tips!

Hurricane Irma is heading towards us here in Florida and I wanted to let all of my current families know that staying safe and comfortable is priority number ONE. I’m treating the hurricane in regards to those currently sleep training

Are Baby Neck Floats Safe?

Baby neck floats have taken off as one of the trends for summer but are they safe? Experts seem to agree that the potential safety hazards outweigh any potential benefits. Check out the full article here: Baby Neck Floats

Timing Is Everything

When it comes to sleep, like most things in life, timing is everything. Every other variable can be right where it needs to be and yet, if the timing is off, everything falls apart. Here are a few things to

Back To School Sleep Tips!

Back To School Sleep Tips! Summer is all about relaxation, having fun and enjoying those long summer nights. For many families this means have a lax sleep schedule. As summer draws to a close, with many schools starting next week,

What Are We Feeding Our Children?

It’s Free Tip Tuesday time!! Today we are revisiting screen time guidelines, the question of “what are we feeding our children” goes beyond physical nutrition; what we feed their brains is equally important, especially for toddlers. A recent article has re-highlighted

Sleep = Brain Food.

Why is sleep so important for little ones? Because it is their brain food. Consolidated, restorative sleep is imperative for proper brain growth and development. This becomes especially important after the age of 4 months when a cognitive shift happens,

Are You Ready To Sleep Through The Night?

Many experts argue that no child ever really “sleeps through the night,” stating that everyone, adults included, will still have sleep arousals leading to brief wakings that most people don’t even remember. For semantics sake, when we use that phrase