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What Are We Feeding Our Children?

It’s Free Tip Tuesday time!! Today we are revisiting screen time guidelines, the question of “what are we feeding our children” goes beyond physical nutrition; what we feed their brains is equally important, especially for toddlers. A recent article has re-highlighted

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Why is sleep so important for little ones? Because it is their brain food. Consolidated, restorative sleep is imperative for proper brain growth and development. This becomes especially important after the age of 4 months when a cognitive shift happens,

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“The Fact Is That We’re Drunk Parenting”

Baby boxes are a great solution to some specific issues with safe sleep; like lack of a proper, safe sleeping space. However, in some states, up to 75 percent of babies “lost to SUID had a crib or bassinet at

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Are You Ready To Sleep Through The Night?

Many experts argue that no child ever really “sleeps through the night,” stating that everyone, adults included, will still have sleep arousals leading to brief wakings that most people don’t even remember. For semantics sake, when we use that phrase

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Happy Easter!

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Sleep Tight, Tonight!


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Is Your Child A Crib Climber?

This is just a NO, NO, NO! There are many interventions that should be used prior to deciding that it’s time to move to a toddler bed. Making that transition too soon can cause a slew of #problems! Before making any transitions,

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Worried Your Child Isn’t Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleep is the great equalizer, bringing your entire system back to homeostasis and allowing all of your vital systems to heal, recharge and grow. If you have to skimp on something this week, please don’t let it be #sleep. It seems

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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung! For those of us in #florida that means it’s officially beach season and time to get those toes in the sand. For everyone else, don’t worry, summer is just around the corner. Quick tip: Did you know

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Feeling Stuck, Depressed or Anxious?

Feeling stuck, depressed or anxious? We can help.  I often see an internal struggle happening in parents that I work with; they have the desire to practice self-care but also believe they don’t have the time. But what if I

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