Do you spend time dreaming of how well you wish your child would sleep?  Wish no more! I’m here to make those dreams come true.  My name is Katie Kovaleski and I am a certified child sleep consultant.

Anytime Sleep Consulting (ASC) is a comprehensive concierge sleep consulting company specializing in child sleep issues from infancy through 5 years of age.  As a concierge company, our services are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  No problem is too small or large and when it comes to seeking help for children’s sleep issues, anytime is the right time.

Every family deserves and can greatly benefit from a good night’s sleep, every night.  Anytime Sleep Consulting provides preventative sleep shaping education as well as intervention sleep training services for all your children’s sleep needs. Our services include but are not limited to helping families with:

  • Initial sleep shaping education for expectant parents and those with newborns (under two months of age)
  • Sleep Shaping with your newborn (0-3 months) – how to create healthy sleep habits that will lay a great foundation for future formal sleep training
  • Sleep Training Your Baby (beginning at 4 months)
  • Night wakings
  • Early wake up times
  • Short naps
  • Falling and staying asleep
  • Dropping night time feedings
  • Creating age appropriate sleep schedules
  • Creating age appropriate nap time and nap time routine
  • Creating an appropriate sleep environment
  • Sleep disruptions caused by age milestones (teething, growth spurt, nap changes etc)
  • Co-sleeping
  • Sleep disruptions caused by travel, holidays and time changes
  • Transitioning to a crib or a bed
  • Learning self soothing techniques
  • Adopting and implementing a sleep training method
  • Managing sleep training with multiples
  • Toddlers who won’t stay in their own bed
  • Toddlers who crawl out of their cribs
  • General Sleep Questions or Issues
  • Any and all sleep related issues that are causing familial stress
ASC today, sleep tight tonight!